Any information contained within this website is acted on at the user’s own risk. VapePlus cannot be held responsible for individuals causing injury to
themselves or others by following the information contained in this website. Anyone considering DIY must CAREFULLY DECIDE if they really have the resources to carry out any DIY procedures safely.

The handling of high-strength base liquids should only be attempted by those who understand the hazards, are competent to handle chemicals, and have the necessary protective equipment.

Pure nicotine should never be used for DIY. It must be handled in a lab by those qualified to work with hazardous materials, because it requires a fume cupboard and hazmat precautions. Do not buy or use pure nicotine – if you acquire some by mistake, take it to a pharmacy for disposal.

What is DIY e-liquid?

If you have chosen to purchase ingredients commonly found in e-cigarette refills (e-liquid), and adapt existing refills or make your own varieties. If you do not have experience in handling chemicals you should not try e-liquid DIY. You may wish to consider buying your e-liquid supplies pre mixed instead.

Carefully note the following cautions:

  • Never buy pure nicotine – 100mg strength is the most needed for DIY.
  • Never allow nicotine to touch your skin or allow fumes to build up in the atmosphere.
  • Always wear suitable protective clothing and keep your workspace well ventilated.
  • Caution must always be exercised in the handling of nicotine. Some people are far more sensitive to it than others: there is a factor-10 difference in individual tolerance to nicotine, and contact with even a small amount may affect some susceptible individuals.
  • Children and pets are especially vulnerable and you ABSOLUTELY MUST keep refill materials and finished refills away from them.
  • E-liquid and all substances used in its production must be stored securely away from children and pets and in child-proof bottles.
  • Appropriate care must be taken to safeguard against fire hazards. Some ingredients in e-liquid are flammable.
  • Carefully avoid any splashes and spills. Have paper towel and rinsing facilities available for immediately dealing with any splashes. Consider how you will deal with a spill BEFORE it happens.
  • A nicotine strength test kit is ABSOLUTELY VITAL (and is cheap to buy).
  • Eyeshields, rubber gloves and a plastic apron are recommended.
  • Some flavorings are known to be inappropriate for inhalation, and at least two are known to be hazardous (diacetyl and acetyl propionyl).
  • Following these guidelines cannot guarantee your safety.

Caution: flavorings

Food-grade flavoring compounds are, by definition, not tested for inhalation. There are likely to be health implications resulting from inhalation of some flavors, and right now we do not have a complete list of the problematic ones. At least two are known to be extremely hazardous to the lungs (diacetyl and acetyl propionyl) and there is no reason to suspect these are isolated cases. Because too little is known about this aspect of vaping, VapePlus cannot advise you in detail on this issue; but we do know that as well as butter-popcorn the creamy, buttery, custard-type flavors will probably entail risk even if diacetyl itself is absent (because this group of flavors has a question mark regarding safety).

Please see this thread, which highlights some of the issues – but do not treat it as being a complete guide to flavors with possible risk:
Flavors that may contain Diacetyl, are there really this many?

THERE ARE NO FLAVOURS KNOWN TO BE SAFE FOR INHALATION* and nothing in this section or anywhere else on VapePlus website can be taken as approval of or recommendation of inhalation of any flavor.
* Menthol is licensed for inhalation and can be expected to be acceptably safe as a result (but not absolutely safe as there is no such thing).

VapePlus cannot be held responsible for any consequences of following information found on the boards/blogs/website. We try to remove anything that looks risky for the inexperienced but we cannot find and remove everything that may be problematic. Some advice may be inappropriate for your level of experience or resources and YOU MUST EXERCISE CAUTION. Some information or procedures may have implications for health due to the limited state of knowledge about vaping risks at this time. There is no risk-free vaping.

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